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It's All About Healing! 


I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and have lived in Miami since I was 6 years old! From a young age, I have always loved alternative medicine and I have been blessed to study many different healing systems. 

I have studied Ayurveda from teachers who have had this knowledge passed down through generations. I was able to spend time in India working in clinics in Kerala. 

I received my Master's In Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture. Studying with teachers who have had over 20+ years of experience treating patients in Shanghai. In Oriental medicine itself there are many different systems and I have studied a few different ones like Japanese acupuncture from Kuwahara Sensei and Master Tung Style Acupuncture. The style I use the most is ONE NEEDLE ACUPUNCTURE! I find it to be fascinating and the one patients respond to the most as it has quick results with virtually only one needle! 


Oriental Medicine is a true gift when it comes to healing. I consider acupuncture a true science and art form. A needle is not just a needle, but a key that has access to such subtle channels/energy systems in the body that we can't access in any other way. 

Form follows function. What does that mean? It means that any physical symptom stems from a spiritual root. You cannot heal one without the other. Metaphysical healing is as important as any form of tangible medicine! 

Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Metaphysical Healing, Homeopathy, Food, and herbs are just a few of the things that I mix into my practice! 

The name Guide Your Heal comes from my approach to healing. Healing is not a magic pill or a quick fix. Healing is a  lifestyle. Healing requires change! Anytime we change the way we are it comes with sacrifice. I am not your doctor - you are your own doctor! -  I am a tool in your way to healing. The healing truly comes from you. Healing requires prayer, energy work, physical work, diet changes, mental changes, and an overall want to be different.  

In today's world stomach aches, headaches, or body pain is all treated the same way - PILLS! These pills then create more side effects which is a fancy word for you are creating more imbalance in your body.  A headache is not JUST a headache! There is an imbalance in the body and the headache is merely a symptom. If you don't get to the root of the imbalance and only treat the symptom you are cheating yourself! If a tree trunk has a disease and you only cut the branch that looks bad then the disease will eventually spread to a different branch. 

 I believe healing comes down to YOU! You are your ultimate healer. When you come in, we talk and we work on balancing the imbalances in your body/mind state, BUT what you do once you leave the office - that's where the healing either continues or stops! You GUIDE YOUR HEAL! I don't know better than you! You know best! Listen to advice and then RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH! Listen to what a doctor or medical professional tells you, but then decide for yourself if it makes sense. That's how the name came to be! I am merely a tool in your healing, but you are in charge of your healing! #GUIDEYOURHEAL

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