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Guide Your Heal With Me


First Time: 140$
Follow Up: 125$

*AcuPack (4 Sessions) For 430$*
*AcuPack (6 Sessions) For 600$*

First Session: An Hour & A Half 

Follow-Ups: One Hour 


 Acupuncture can help with Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Menstrual Problems, Insomnia, Pain, Headaches/Migraines, Body Pain, Lower back pain, carpal tunnel, fatigue, cramping, Addiction, Asthma, Stomach Problems, and MORE! 

Acupuncture entails the entire scope of Oriental Medicine treatments! Moxa, Cupping, Guasha, Ear Seeds & More! Depends on each individual case as to which modality or modalities are used! 

Ultimate Healing 



An acupuncture session at Guide Your Heal is a unique experience. At Guide Your Heal we use the classical way of acupuncture which is less needles and powerful effects! The more needles one uses the more one disperses the energy of the body. When you know the right ONE point in the body that will open all the blocked channels like a domino effect you have a POWERHOUSE HIT of healing! People have walked in with very bad inflammation that resulted in arms twice their normal size and walk out normally! Most times it's one needle, sometimes it might be two or three! It's a style of acupuncture that is not used because it requires deep knowledge of the meridians and energy channels of the body! Come try it for yourself!  

Alternative Medicine Phone Consultation

First Time Call: 100$ - 1 Hr
Follow-Ups: 80$ - 30 minutes

For those who live far away, Guide Your Heal offers over-the-phone consultations. In the Phone Call, we will go over your chief complaint and we will review your history, diet, and lifestyle to see what changes need to be implemented. You will receive herb and/or homeopathy advice, diet, and lifestyle recommendations tailored to your specific imbalance & and constitution.​

Medicina Alternativa Consulta Telefonica 

Primera Llamada 100$ - 1 Hr
Siguientes: 80$ - 30 minutos

​Para los que viven lejos o no tienen tiempo de venir en persona. Guide Your Heal ofrece consultas telefónicas. En la llamada telefónica, revisaremos su queja principal y revisaremos su historial, dieta y estilo de vida para ver qué cambios deben implementarse. Recibirá recomendaciones sobre hierbas y/o homeopatía, dieta y estilo de vida adaptadas a su desequilibrio y constitución específico.

guide your
heal soul talks


113$ - 45min
GYH Pack (3 Sessions) for 285$

A big part of healing is TALKING! God designs human beings in a very particular way! If you didn't have a mirror - you wouldn't even know what you look like! and then when we have a mirror our self-image becomes distorted! 

In life we need guides! They are essential! Not people who tell you that you are perfect and there is nothing to change! because we all have something/s we need to change!


That's how we grow. Real guides, like real friends, HELP US ASCEND, not descend. In the GYH Talks, we unravel your physical manifestations into their emotional creations.


We need an outside perspective to guide us and show us the light when we don't see it.


What worries you, controls you. 


***Not a licensed psychologist***

Workshops/Group Talks

Learning is the base of all change! Wisdom propels us to higher heights than we could have possibly imagined. 

All Guide Your Heal Workshops/Talks are rooted in wisdom and the desire to create positive change that can be applied not just in your life, but in your whole family's life and your friend's lives! 


Acupressure, Face Movement, Eating For Your Constitution, What Is My Element, Cooking Sessions, Learn What To Buy At The Supermarket, Torah Healing, and more! 

Price varies on event & workshop. 

Please contact for more information. 


Retreats are done once to twice a year. Depending on availability. 

All-Inclusive Retreat 

1-3 Days Inspiring and transformative retreat! Everyone needs a break! Everyone needs to reconnect to their true essence. 

In Our Guide Your Heal Retreats we have 1-3 days of Kosher Delicious and nourishing food! Acupuncture Sessions! Meditation Sessions! Nutrition Coaching, Torah Classes, and uplifting group dancing that makes the soul sing! Guide Your Heal Retreat is pure enjoyment! 

Retreats are WOMEN ONLY!

Contact If Interested

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