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"Change is the end result of all true learning" 

Cold/Flu 101

Learn the secrets to stopping a cold before it hits! 

Already have a cold? - We will go over how to treat a cold/flu in the best way possible! 

The best way to heal is the natural way! God made nature powerful! All we have to know is how to direct that power toward healing! 

2 Hour Video + 14-page Printable PDF to keep on hand with instructions! + links where to buy herbs/products! 




To buy the course please email (can click on the envelope icon below) with your Venmo or Zelle name and a request to buy GYH CFC 101 Lecture. Once email is confirmed you will receive the next steps! Once the money is received you will receive a link with the video and your PDF! Please have a Google account/gmail in order to receive link! (NONREFUNDABLE!)

Wisdom Is Power

Homeopathy 101


Will Be Available Soon! 

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